What is my motivation?

©Stuart Bush The rush 2016 oil on board 50 x 70 cm – £1000 + shipping enquiry
I am interested in the exploration of painting as a vehicle for visual thinking.  I believe painting and playing with form inside the composition has the potential to capture the most important kind of expression and I see it as a foundation of thinking itself.  My studio is a place I can go to and using painting techniques, process the world and it’s complexities.
My motivation is more than just an interest in the formal qualities and painterly questions of scale, content, colour and form. I’m interested in expressing the physical and emotional vigour of the human body in the city as a means of exercises in freedom and dynamic expressions of space.
A situation needs to take place on the canvas, with too much preparation the painting is dead, with too little preparation it can easy end up wayward or in disarray.  The creativity in the artwork lies in finding a balance and tension between the forms in the relationship between painterly marks, abstract and figurative forms.   The outcome needs to be a surprise and a revelation for me as much as the viewer.  The finished painting is never good enough; I enjoy the surprise and delight, and this is my motivation to make another one.
I would be very interested to hear about what the motivation is in whatever you do.  Please add a comment if you would like to share your thoughts.

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