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©Stuart Bush in the studio – all rights reserved by the artist
My art studio is on the top floor of an old shoe factory in Northampton. I have been working in this space for over ten years.  My studio is a place of unique freedom; it is a place for me and my thoughts where I can figure things out. It is a place to use my intuition, to look at problems, get things wrong, make mistakes and follow a hunch. 
I feel a strong need and desire to process the world.  Thinking about my artwork is carried through my process using pencil and paint.  I believe that what I am trying to grasp through the journey of my art practice is of importance, it helps me to get a better understanding of the seemingly meaningless void, of what we call life.
In the lines and colours of my ephemeral moments I look to reflect a visual equivalent to the rhythm the city.  In doing so the work deepens and expands to harmonise the whole.  A simplified and symbolic vision that selects what is essential through reduction and places itself somewhere between representational and abstraction, reality and painting.   
Josef Albers said in the ‘Interaction of Colour’,  “In musical compositions, so long as we hear merely single tones, we do not hear music.  Hearing music depends on the recognition of the in-between of the tones, of their placing and their spacing.” This quote is important to me.    It depicts and leads to the understanding of how I see the individual pieces of my work and links into the wider conversation I am trying to have.  My blog is titled “The Poetic Painter, Painting in Pictures rather than Words”.  
Music, poetry and painting have a lot of similarities.  Like David Salle said, an iconic image has the “visual equivalent of a tenor reaching a high note.”
©Stuart Bush in the studio – all rights reserved by the artist