Why did I paint this painting, titled ‘Reminisent’?


©2016 Stuart Bush Reminiscent (2016) oil on board 50 x 70 cm
©2016 Stuart Bush Reminiscent (2016) oil on board 50 x 70 cm

As I sat in my studio putting the finishing touches on the work above, I was aware of just how much I love painting.

And why is that, you may ask?

I’m not 100% sure why I am interested in these moments. I think if I did know why I am interested in this moments, these snapshots of chaos, I wouldn’t need to paint them. What I do know is when I left art school I wanted to describe in painting the alienation of living in this consumerist society. I think that my original ideas are still in my work, but my thoughts have progressed. I also found at that time depicting consumerism a challenge that never worked in the way I hoped it would. I was always interested in the space around us, this has become more prevalent recently.

It is common to pay attention to the physical things in the space around us. However, I am interested in paying attention to the space itself through the creative act of drawing, making and painting. Although I doubt this exploration can become a way of defining the fundamental character of space I hope to achieve and add further meaning and understanding. By slowing down, paying attention and recording using creative acts to focus on what stands out and using my experience as an artist, I hope I will enrich other people’s experience of being alive.

I want to make artwork that reflects what I see. Living with the incomplete meaning of the world.


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